Do you ship worldwide? 


Yes. Delivery typically takes 2 to 4 weeks once shipped. We do our best to get orders out the week they are received.


How are the original art and books shipped?


Depending on the size, original art is rolled and shipped in a tube. If it's a small piece, it goes in a box. Books are shipped in a  box.


Are all items hand signed by Fabio Valle?


Yes. Fabio Valle signs all items.


Is it possible to get personalized/dedicated items?


Yes. You just need to write the name(s) to be addressed for.


What do I have to do to get a commissioned art from Fabio Valle?


You can go to Commissions on this website and choose the best option that fits what you would like from Fabio Valle. If you don't find a specific item, you can email us describing your idea: contact@fabvalle.com. Then you will receive Fabio Valle's rates.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For now, PayPal is the only method.


I would love to be drawn by Fabio Valle. What do I need to do?


Email us: contact@fabvalle.com. Then you will receive Fabio Valle's rates for this specific work.

What if my item arrives damaged?

During all these years, it never happened, but if you are the "lucky one", send us a photo of the damage and we'll exchange your item. 

What is your return policy?


Let us know if you have a problem with your order. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs associated with a return.


I'm a writer and I have an idea to create a comic book or a children book, and I would like to invite Fabio Valle to be part of the project as the illustrator. What do I need to do?


As a professional illustrator, Fabio Valle only accepts paid jobs. However, you can send us your project and we will get in contact as soon as possible. Email us with your idea and you will receive Fabio Valle's rates: contact@fabvalle.com.

I'd like to interview Fabio Valle. Is that possible?


Yes. But sometimes, due to his very busy schedule, Fabio Valle can't provide a quick reply. Send us your questions by email: contact@fabvalle.com and we will work to get your answers as soon as possible.



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